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The Best Piece Of Advice I Was Given About Not Giving Up

Earlier this year, Derek Neighbors gave me an unforgettable piece of advice.

I was just starting to get serious about my health and longevity, and had been running myself ragged trying to figure out the perfect exercise routine. But, like most beginners, I was making a lot of mistakes: expecting immediate results, trying too many things, and endlessly tweaking what I was doing.

Until one day, Derek said to me:

"The secret is just doing it even when, especially when, you don't feel like it."

That day, my whole perspective changed.

Once I realized that my real problem was only making changes that I could tolerate, I had a whole new outlook. Instead I decided to do simple things, every day, no matter what.

I stopped caring about if I "felt like it" or not, and instead I just did what I knew would help me achieve my goals.