Clayton Lengel-Zigich

Pragmatic technology leader

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Hi 👋 My name is Clayton Lengel-Zigich and I am a pragmatic technology leader specializing in building and improving customer-focused product delivery teams.

My expertise is driving organizational change that increases customer value and team engagement.

I have diverse experience across dozens of teams from startups to the enterprise.

I've also got a unique blend of disciplines covering product management, people management, and hands-on software engineering.

And I'm an empathetic problem solver who is always learning and owns the outcomes.


Since 2008 I've been writing online about programming, testing, agile software development, and team dynamics.

Some popular articles include Commitment Driven Planning, Why Developers Avoid Testing, and Probability, Velocity and Re-Estimating User Stories.

See the full list of popular articles I've written.


My first book Effective Sprint Planning was published in 2020. It's an in-depth guide to running successful sprint planning meetings based on all of the experiments I've tried over the years.

You can find Effective Sprint Planning on Amazon .


I'm currently building:

I've built and failed a few more like SSL Insight, A Thoughtful Reply, and more agile tools than I can remember.

Open Source

I create and contribute to open source on GitHub.

Things like a jekyll + tailwind + stimulus starter template, reserved_subdomains a gem for validating subdomains in rails models, sslcheck for validating ssl certificates, consummo a tool for enriching content scraped from the web, and a bunch of tdd exercises.

Contact me

I'm easy to find on Twitter @claytonlz, LinkedIn as claytonlz, and GitHub as clayton.