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Three Favorite Books I read in 2022

Three Favorite Books I read in 2022
Photo by Ken Cheung / Unsplash

I read about 30 books in 2022, fewer than I would have liked, but here are three that really stood out and ended up being some of my favorites of the year.

Book #1 – 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

Is this a history book? Guide to climbing the corporate ladder? Textbook for a sociopath?

The reviews are mixed on this one. To some its the best book they’ve ever read, to others, a dangerous collection of a present-day Machiavelli. But to me, it was an entertaining exploration of the good and bad of human nature throughout history.

To get the most out of this one, read it slowly and don’t skip the stories in the margins.

Book #2 – Endurance by Alfred Lansing

The harrowing tale of Ernest Shackleton’s early-twentieth century attempt to cross the South Pole.

I kept coming back to the same thought while reading this book. “Can you imagine anyone doing something like this today?” And sadly, the answer is “probably not.” But I realized that Shackleton and his crew could be a reminder of what it’s like to push yourself harder than you ever thought possible.

Make sure you lookup the route and various islands on a map when reading this one. Really puts things in perspective.

Book #3 – Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

A heavy book, on a heavy topic, but filled with uplifting ideas and prompts for new perspectives.

We all could spend more time each day in 2023 practicing gratitude. Frankl’s ability to find joy in the smallest of things, while experiencing the depths of cruelty, were inspiring. It’s hard to read this book and feel upset about the grievances of modern life.

If you’re looking to build a gratitude habit, start here for a whole new perspective on what it means to be grateful.