Why Developers Avoid Testing

While the drive towards a culture of “always be testing” has existed for some time, the recent detour into software craftsmanship has helped to create a new style of getting the word out. What used to be, “Test driven development is a great way to approach solving a problem” has turned into “If you’re not testing you’re a shitty developer.” The testing evangelism going on in the community today is misguided and would convert more people if it addressed the real reason people aren’t testing.

Let Conversations Write Your Tests

This shift in thinking is due in part to Liz Keogh’s Step Away from the Tools and Dan North’s Who’s domain is it anyway?. Both of these got me thinking about how I’m using the term BDD (rather loosely) and how much of an investment I’m making in a specific tool (Cucumber). More Meaningful Planning Having meaningful planning meetings with their customer/product owner is one thing with which many teams struggle.

How To: Setup RSpec, Cucumber, Webrat, RCov and Autotest on Leopard

Prerequisites I’m assuming you’ve got the following installed: ruby ruby gems 1.3.1 Apple development tools git rails >= 2.3.2 You’ve added github to your gem sources (gem sources -a http://gems.github.com) RSpec & RSpec-Rails First let’s grab the rspec1 and rspec-rails2 gems. sudo gem install rspec sudo gem install rspec-rails Cucumber Next we’ll install the cucumber3 gem