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Quit Being Comfortable

On getting outside of your comfort zone and exploring new opportunities.

If you’re heading towards that dip, or feel like you’ve been stuck there for a while, fear not, it’s easy to shake yourself out of it. Put yourself on the line and increase your expectations.

It’s easy to fall into comfortable relationships, comfortable careers, comfortable routines and lead a comfortable lifestyle. However, once you’re in that position you start to wonder where the magic went. You can recall a time when you were excited and things sparked your interest, now, they’re just boring old routines.

Imagine those exciting times. That time you spent dating, forging that good friendship, interviewing for jobs, meeting the new team, notice a pattern? They were all challenging times when you had to push yourself and risk something.

Risk being ignored, risked be disliked, risked being rejected, risked failing. You had to work hard and make things happen. Look where you are now, no risk, no challenge, no real effort.

Do yourself a favor:

  • Join a local industry group
  • Give a public presentation
  • Attend a local lunch gathering
  • Update your resume
  • Start a new project
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make a new friend

Put yourself on the line, risk something, challenge yourself, flirt with the possibility of failure. The feeling you’ll get from all of this will tear that comfy blanket to shreds.