A short sampling of my projects, open source contributions, experimental ideas, and general goofing around.

A Thoughtful Reply

In March of 2018 I launched a new service to help people that are in the process of starting a new project of their own.

A Thoughtful Reply


For about four years I was a co-host on the Agile Weekly podcast. Discussing agile, scrum, xp, teams and culture, it was always an interesting fifteen minutes.

You can view and listen to the archives on the Agile Weekly website.



Consummo is an engine for consuming, enriching and producing pieces of content from RSS feeds.

SSL Check

An easy way to verify the installation of SSL certificates.

OFCP Scoring

A gem to help score open-face chinese poker hands. Used as a testing and TDD example for brown bag talks.

Password Checker TDD code kata

A small code kata to experiment with TDD, used for interviews and pair programming exercises.


Jenkins Radiator

A small backbone.js application that monitors your Jenkins CI build server and displays failing, passing, building and disabled jobs. Audio is played when jobs move from a passing state to a failing state or from a failing state to a passing state.


Lean coffee in the browser for remote teams. Written in Meteor for the sake of learning Meteor and spreading Lean coffee.

Backbone Game of Life

Conway’s Game of Life, written in a very early version of Backbone.js and not very well. :)


PHP Bowling code kata

An example of the bowling code kata in PHP. Mostly used for pair programming interviews.

Compound interest TDD exercise

Another pair programming and interviewing exercise.