Jenkins CI Build Monitor

Jenkins CI is a popular open source continuous integration server. I encourage teams to use continuous integration, however many teams setup the server, configure the automated e-mail blasts and think that’s all there is to it. Many teams don’t make the results of their builds part of an informative workspace. The team I’m currently working with fell into this trap and started having issues with failing builds going unnoticed. I looked around for some plugins and projects to help with this goal, but nothing quite met our needs.

Introducing Jenkins Radiator

I built Jenkins Radiator with a few things in mind:

  • We only care about passing jobs when all the jobs are passing
  • If a job is failing, it should be very obvious
  • If a job was failing and is being built again, we want to know
  • You shouldn’t be able to hide a job or otherwise ignore it, if it’s not important, get it off CI
  • A quick glance at the radiator from across the room should let you know if the build is green or not

Start Using Jenkins Radiator


Failing Builds Failing Builds in Jenkins Radiator

Passing Builds Passing Builds in Jenkins Radiator

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