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Effective Sprint Planning

Lessons learned lauching my book Effective Sprint Planning

When you start a new project it’s temping to cast a wide net.

“I’ll reach a wider audience,” you think.

“This applies to a lot of people doing a lot of different things,” you tell yourself.

Despite all of the evidence I read to the contrary, I too made the mistake of targeting a large and generic audience with the launch of my book.

That’s why I decided to “niche down” and shift the focus from the generic “software planning” to something more specific “sprint planning.”

Secrets of Software Planning is now Effective Sprint Planning.

How to (actually) run an effective sprint planning meeting

When I reviewed the content, I had to admit to myself that while applicable to a wider audience, it would be easier for people to make a connection with the book if it felt like it matched their specific situation.

The content is largely the same. Actually I clarified a number of sections and improved the formatting on kindle devices for a better reading experience.

And even after these changes, I can probably target a smaller audience. I can still “niche down.”

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